Endangered Species Day is celebrated on the third Friday of May every year globally with nature walks, educational talks, and fundraising events to continue scientific advancements of breeding programs.

Central Coast Zoo and Amazement Farm & Fun Park Curator Jeni says that special discussions during the twice-daily Wildlife Presentation and Reptile Presentation shows will be held as part of Endangered Species Day on May 20th, 2022. 

“We will educate our show audiences on best practices for preserving local wildlife and their habitats. We will also provide tips on recycling, information about native plants, and how to encourage native bees to thrive” she said. 

Here at Central Coast Zoo and Amazement Farm & Fun Park, we believe in making an active effort towards conservation that everyone can participate in locally. After all, conservation starts in your own backyard.

Here are some simple ways to make a real difference each day:

  • On your drive home, hop out of the car and help a struggling turtle cross the road safely and be sure it reaches its destination. Why did the turtle cross the road anyway?
  • Call a snake catcher to safely and humanely remove the Nope Noodle from your backyard – don’t kill it!
  • Remember that your cute and cuddly pet cat Mittens is essentially a tiny tiger, so don’t allow them to roam freely and attack our wildlife
  • Recycle correctly – stop being lazy!
  • Get competitive with the neighbours about who has the best garden, and grow beautiful native plants to boost our natural ecosystem
  • Learn how to compost so you can attend friend’s dinner parties with a smug sense of superiority because now you’re better than everyone else

Have some other easy ways to get involved in local conservation? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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